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Fish Filosofie

Fish! heeft bij ons bedrijf gezorgd voor een geweldige energie van verandering en plezier. 

Alle verandering begint vooral bij jezelf. 


In de grootste bedrijven ter wereld wordt deze filosofie toegepast op de werkvloer om de medewerkers te motiveren. 


Foralda heeft gecertificeerde Fish! facilitators die training programma's kunnen organiseren. 


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Introducing FISH! to your workplace can be done via different energizers, work-outs and trainings. Inviting your team members to bring their unique and individual personalities, and empowering them to be themselves.


Four Simple Practices

If you’re looking to energize your team, deliver remarkable customer service and increase employee retention, you’ve come to the right place. The FISH! Philosophy was inspired by a business that is world famous for it’s incredible energy and commitment to service: The Pike Place Fish Market. We studied the fishmongers and identified four simple practices that help anyone bring new energy and commitment to their work:


is a state of mind that brings new energy to things at hand and sparks creative solutions.

Be there:

is all about becoming engaged with all your heart, with everything you do.

Make their day:

focuses on creating positive energy by supporting others.

Choose your attitude:

is about your reaction to what life hands you. And determines to a great extent what you will experience and which relations you will be building.


"The FISH! Philosophy brings more passion, energy and fun at the workplace."



  • FISH! is based on 4 pillars: be there, play, make their day, and choose your attitude

  • There are 4 books about fish: FISH!, FISH! Sticks, FISH! Tales, and FISH! for Life

  • FISH! philosophy originates from Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle

  • Today, the Pike Place Fish Market is a world famous tourist attraction

  • FISH! builds effective leaders who inspire and lead by example

  • FISH! improves teamwork and builds trust

  • You can become a FISH! Facilitator in 2 days and be certified to train FISH!

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